Top 10 Ways to Take Care of Your Home Furniture

The cost of home furniture has everybody looking for the best way to take care of them, and most likely to the reason you clicked on this article.

Here are some of the top 10 ways to take care of your home furniture.

1. Make the right choice

Whether your furniture will last long will depend on the type, quality and durability of furniture in the first.

The first step to taking care of your furniture is making the right furniture choice.

Often more durable and long-lasting furniture is expensive because they’re made of sustainable, and expensive material.

Therefore, if you haven’t yet purchased you are home furniture or you’re looking to add more, do not hesitate to spend a little more money to get better furniture.

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2. Cover when you leave

Furniture is easy to wear out when exposed to dust, dirt and debris.

If you have plans of leaving your furniture untouched for a long time, ensure your house furniture is covered.

Maintain the original fabric underneath by covering using a sheet of fabric or couch covers.

Plastic covers are a good option that will also prevent water in case there is a detected leak.

3. Keep furniture away from direct sunlight

Besides water son is the second most destructive element.

Exposing your furniture to direct sunlight damages your furniture vanishing and for fabric, the unfiltered UV rays will cause fading of the material.

If your furniture is located close to a window and there’s no way you can avoid sunlight try redistributing your furniture to prevent long exposure to sunlight.

4. Polish

It is a maintenance tip to polish your furniture.

A piece of polished furniture repels dust, therefore, making your furniture more durable and easier to clean.

Not all polishings, work the same we, therefore, have to choose depending on the type of furniture.

There are leather polishes meant to make your furniture look brand new. Metallic furniture has their polishes that prevent rusting.

5. Clean

It may sound very obvious that all furniture should be cleaned but not so many people do clean their furniture.

Fabric furniture should be regularly vacuumed do to prevent dust from occupying and by using natural products to prevent chemical damages.

Wood and metallic furniture on the other hand should be wiped with a clean wet rug to remove dust and keep them looking shiny and attractive.

6. Repair damages

Regularly inspecting your furniture shall help you pinpoint small damages and repair them immediately.

The longer you take to repair furniture damage the more it will cost you and the less likely the furniture will be close to the original one.

7. Prevent water damage

By far water can be the most disastrous and un reversible damage that can occur to your furniture.

Water damage calls for a complete replacement of furniture or fabric.

To prevent this from occurring, always make sure that your furniture is placed away from water points.

It is a smarter option to purchase waterproof furniture or furniture with some extent of waterproof features.

8. Use a tablecloth

To keep your table surface clean and new you should use a tablecloth.

Hot food or hot drinks placed directly on a table may cause the table vanishings to peel off or appear rough.

A tablecloth and also prevent water from soaking in your furniture.

Having a tablecloth enhances the durability of your table.

9. Wax/oil wood furniture

Waxing has always been the go-to way to ensure a piece of furniture looks new.

Oiling your furniture will give the wood the water resistance ability to prevent damages that may occur when it comes in contact with water.

Certain types of wood oil also prevent woodlice from eating up your wood and damaging it.

For furniture with metallic bearings, painting, oiling with grease are some of the ways to prevent your furniture from rusting.

A good takeaway point you must know when waxing or oiling your word is that if you intend to use the furniture in your kitchen go for food-safe wax/oil.

10. Do not mishandle your furniture

Finally, any piece of furniture will last longer if they are used for the right purpose.

A good example of mishandling your furniture is by using indoor furniture outdoor, forgetting to reoil or rewax your dry furniture, failing to remove stains, etc.