Use Snap Frames for Easy Wall Decor

I found myself constantly having to take my photo and art framed down from the wall, open the frame in the back then change out the artwork. Then I would re-hang the frame, only to have to do it again the next week when they had more and more to display.

This got me looking for an easier way to make the change each week, and eventually a friend gave me a great idea!

She said, “Who else has to change out artwork every week? Think ‘posters’.”

Of course! Movie theaters change out their posters on a weekly basis depending on what films are playing, and what films are coming soon. So I checked around and what they are using is simply an industrial grade version of a snap frame.

So I went to my local department store who specialized in frames, and found so many great ideas on how to use snap frames to display my kid’s artwork. They are easy to use and quick to change out, and this has saved me an incredible amount of time.

Most snap frames are of the wall and counter top variety. If you can find frames that open from the front, I have found this to be ideal. Front opening designs make it the easiest choice, and if you have as many as I do, then you’d be wise to go with the front opening design.

One design we found holds up to 100 individual pieces of artwork at a time. This is especially good for a children’s room because not only is it a display, but also serves as storage. Any multi-tasking item is welcome in our home.

Some you will find specifically designed for posters. These are great for when your daughter goes from Frozen one day, to Brave the next, only going back to Frozen the next. In our living room we have a couple of more high-end poster frames for some of the printed art we’ve collected over the years. So if my husband would rather a city skyline theme for a party, it’s not a problem.

If you have time demands that can be eased by just some simple ideas to help you, then easy-change snap frames could do the trick. They are easy to use and save time every time!