Uses Cowhide Rugs

Not only can you use cowskin for rug use you can also use it for furniture upholstery. This will give your furniture an exciting look and when paired with solid toned leather it looks even better! Rarely will you find an entire sofa upholstered in cowhide but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It is always recommended to combine with another textile or fabric so the furniture piece isn’t overwhelming. One misconception about cowhide rugs is consumers are always thinking that they are “western” or more for cabins or mountain homes. This couldn’t be further from the truth as several if not all high end hotels and homes feature some form of cowhide or leather.

Another alternative use would be displaying the hide as an art piece by having it as a wall hanging. Since every cowskin will be different some consider them a “work of art” and with the many breeds available today you can find almost any color or variation you desire. Use as a wall hanging by stretching the rug enough to where there are no visible wrinkles. You can position it horizontally, vertically or even off centered which is the most common way. If you have an empty space on the wall a cowhide rug is something to consider versus a standard portrait or framed art.

Decorating can be a never ending task but the easiest way to an empty space is with a rug or simplified piece of furniture. Remember to always check color trends and find what fits and works aesthetically for your home. If you have traditional décor maybe try a rug that is in the brown or black color family. For modern and contemporary décor try a neutral color that is fitting.