Ways to Change the Look of a Room

Change the lighting fixtures. Old lighting fixtures can make a room less attractive and less modern. Update the look of the room with something that fits the style you are going for. If you want simplistic and sleek, then pick a lighting fixture that matches that description. Chandeliers can add a touch of elegance that other fixtures do not, and wall sconces often add an air of sophistication. Think about how you want your room to look and then shop for lighting fixtures accordingly.

Consider painting the room or applying wallpaper. A simple coat of new paint, even over just one wall, can make a room look drastically different. Applying wallpaper can be a tough job, but you do not have to apply it over each wall. Just on certain spots can make a room look pretty different. For creative ideas, consult home improvement magazines or look online. You will find a lot of fantastic ideas to get you motivated.

Buy furniture covers or reupholster your furniture. New furniture is not always in everyone’s budget. However, you can make your old furniture look like new again by applying furniture covers or reupholstering them. If you reupholster your furniture on your own, you will save a lot of money. Furniture covers work just as well, and they are easy to remove, wash, and put back on again. Whichever method you choose, the new look of your furniture will definitely change the look of your room.

Consider buying a new area rug. A decorative area rug can pull a whole room together. If you have a bare floor or even a carpeted one, the addition of a new rug can pull all of the colors in the room together if you pick the right one. Try to find one that complements the style and colors that you already have in the room. You may be surprised at how much of a difference the new addition to your floor makes to the entire room.

Put up new curtains or window coverings in your room. The right curtains or window coverings can add a touch of elegance, class, or pizzazz to your room. Pick some that will fit your window. Measure your windows before you go shopping so you don’t have to guess which will fit perfectly. If you are very handy, you can make your own curtains out of any fabric that you want. No one else will have the same curtains that you do.

Replace old decorations with new ones. You do not have to replace all of your old knickknacks and artwork with new things, but a few pieces will do. Bolder pieces will automatically draw the eye to certain areas of the room.

Decorations set the tone for the room, so choose pieces that you will love and feel comfortable with for a long time.
However you choose to update your room, make sure that your sense of style and creativity comes through. Have fun with redecorating your room, and enjoy the many compliments that you will get from your visitors when they see how different everything looks just by changing a few things in the room.